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Reasons to make a coffee enema

brown coffee seeds

According to the investigations of the German doctor Max Gerson, discredited in its time but verified and put into practice after his death, coffee enemas have the property to expedite the expulsion of the toxic products accumulated in our metabolism. This property is due, among other things, to the palmitic acid content of coffee, which promotes the activity of the enzyme Glutathione S-Transferase, responsible for the conjugation of free radicals electrophilic that will be expelled through the gallbladder. Here are some of the key benefits of a coffee enema:

Cleans and heals the colon and digesthuman intestine graphicive tract

Coffee enemas clean and heal the colon and digestive tract, without disrupting or altering the normal intestinal flora.
This enema carries with it the accumulation of fecal matter, parasites, candida and other toxins that accumulate in the intestine and the colon. This process can be performed easily at home using an enema bag kit.

It repairs the liver

The enema is absorbed into the liver through the walls of the colon, and there also helps the liver in its work. In addition, as coffee contains antioxidant molecules, they assist the liver which is an organ very susceptible to oxidative damage, while the presence of selenium and zinc in coffee improves the enzymatic activity of detoxification in this organ.

Energy levels improve

As with any detoxification plan, oxygen levels in the blood rise with this enema, so the body “recharges” energy.

Relieves chronic pain

By its cleansing action, these enemas reduce the inflammation of the digestive tract, and consequently, the pain that it can cause. In fact, it has been known of its use as an analgesic by nurses during the First World War.

It contains an astringent action

It has an astringent action as it deflates and heals the colon, contributing to the renewal of the intestinal mucosa.

Prevents chronic diseases

Keeping the body free of toxic substances, limit the chances of acquiring a chronic disease. In fact, the creator of this therapy, Dr. Gerson, argued that he was able to cure chronic diseases in patients already terminally ill.

It contains choleretic effects

It has choleretic effects since it promotes the effectiveness of the detoxifying enzymes and, at the same time, ensures the passage of bile from the intestines to the rectum.It does not allow the resorption of bile.

It increases the alkalinity of the small intestine

By increasing the flow of bile, it also increases the alkalinity of the small intestine which makes it much less pleasant for the parasites and less prone to suffering from dysbiosis.

It improves the appearance of the skin

woman showing her shoulder skinAs another way of the body to expel toxins is the skin, having a digestive system clean and functioning properly, contributes to eliminate problems such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.