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How To Maintain Your Kids’ Dental Hygiene

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It is summer and schools are in session. This is the perfect opportunity of enjoying warm weather activities such as swimming, beach visits, and zoo outings. Summer is the time most people let down their guard on their dental hygiene. As a result, we experience more dental decay and mouth injuries during this phase.

You can apply some insightful prevention tips that ensure your kids maintain their dental hygiene. Summer time is accompanied by activities and diets that compel us to go overboard. Having healthy teeth saves us the trouble and expense of taking our kids to the dentist.

How to maintain your kid’s dental health

Water as your choice of drink

Teeth health graphicWith the high summer temperatures, both adults and kids feel dehydrated regularly. Everyone will be looking for something to quench their thirst. Some of the options available are sodas or lemonades. Kids who take part in summer sporting activities drink more than their other counterparts. Unfortunately, most of the drinks and beverages are high in their sugar content. This actually promotes the spread of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Soda and juice are naturally acidic, a condition that weakens the outer protective enamel coating of your tooth.

Encourage your children every day to drink more water throughout the day. If the urge for a sugary beverage is overwhelming, drink it all at once with a straw. Slowly sipping a drink exposes your teeth to a constant sugar and acid environment, damaging it even further. After sipping down a refreshing cold beverage, encourage your children to brush their teeth. If you are outdoor, they can swish water or mouthwash within the mouth to rinse the teeth and gums.

Practice water safety

Swimming ranks top among the most fun-filled activities to do during summer. It’s the perfect way to cool down the body. Before going out for a swim, ensure your kids understand what rules are involved. Apart from the basic pool side safety rules, ensure your children brush their teeth after taking a dip in the chlorinated water. The need to do this is even greater if you swim on a regular daily basis. A regular exposure to chlorine results in tooth decay strains. This means brushing with fluoride toothpaste is a great way to offset the tooth damage.

Be careful how you snack

woman brushing teethWhen your children are in school, they have schedules that dictate the time to eat. With increased activity and summer heat, snacking becomes more frequent. Snacking too keeps exposes your mouth hygiene to a constant bacteria-filled environment. This means brushing your teeth is of utmost importance. Do not prevent your kids from snacking instead offer them alternatives such as cookies, toast, and crackers. Offer your kids alternatives such as yogurt, nuts, and cheese to address meals and snacks.

Take care

Having fun during summer is more than tooth injuries and mounting dental bills. Going to the dentist brings a lot of jitters within kids. Dental hygiene is a very important aspect of your general health, and it’s crucial that every family have one accustomed family dentist.