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Glomerular Filtration Rate

What is GFR?

GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate and is a number that tells you how well your kidneys are working. It refers to how much blood passes through the tiny filters in the kidneys, called glomeruli, each minute. This process helps rid your body of waste products and toxins such as creatinine. If your kidneys are not working well, the amount of creatinine increases in your blood.

A blood test that measures creatinine is used to calculate your GFR. Your doctor will also take into account your age, race, gender and other factors. GFR is used to determine your stage of kidney disease so that you can get appropriate medical treatment. The higher the number, the better your kidneys are functioning. The CKD Wheel Chart below may look familiar - this is a tool that your doctor uses to show how your GFR number corresponds to your stage of CKD.

Place your mouse over your GFR number (found in the outer grey circle) to find out what CKD stage you are in, and what steps you should be taking for treatment.
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